Miniroos is an australian wide, modified form of 11-a-side football, designed to meet the needs of players between the under 5 and 11 age groups, who have very different developmental characteristics and needs to adult players. The philosophy of Miniroos focuses on enjoyment and freedom of expression with limited emphasis on coaching particularly in the formative years of the players development. 


For the last 5 years, our club has had between 18 - 22 teams in the NQ Football community competition however in our biggest year to date, 2020 saw our numbers increase significantly with 34 teams in the competition. Our teams vary from mixed, boys only and girls only. Our girls numbers have increased over the last few years which has allowed us to nominate sole girls teams into the competition. We are committed to developing our players at MA Olympic and encourage participation by all. 

We continue to live to our strengths on and off the field with many prestigious awards coming our way. The true depth of the club has been proven by us winning the Junior Club Champions 5 times out of the last 10 years and whilst also winning Senior Club Champions 8 times out of the last 10 years. 

If you'd like to start your football journey and be apart of our wonderful club in the 2021 season, check out of information guide for all the details or get in contact with us. 


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