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MA Olympic has been fortunate enough to field 2 womens teams in the Townsville Competition - Women's Reserve Grade and Women's Premier League.


Our club is working hard to increase participation in women's football and the depth we have within the club at the moment is a true testiment to the strategies we have in place. We are committed and invested in developing our players and our coaches to maintain the particpation and strength in our girls / women's leagues.

In what was a very different league in 2020 our women's squads remained strong throughout the season. We welcomed many new faces, as well as some of our older players returning to the game. We were fortunate to be led by Nathan Whitton as coach of both teams, and introduced Michael Brooks to assist with our Premier League women. The experience and knowledge of these coaches assisted our women greatly and the reward was worth it as we took out the double with both women's teams winning the grand final. 

Our club was yet again awarded the 2020 Senior Club Champions which we can proudly say we've won 8 times of the last 10 years. This proves the depth and strength we have in our seniors across the board.  

We have made some strides for the 2021 season already, with great appointments in Michael Brooks as Head Coach of the Premier League team, and Nathan Whitton who will take on our Reserves team. Our teams train on Mondays & Wednesdays at the club from 6.30pm so if you're eager to put in the hard yards please check out of information guide for pre season details or get in contact with us via

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